Luxury Incense Sticks (12 pack)

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Introducing the Signature Scent Luxury Incense Collection. Each incense is 11 inches long and made with 100% natural charcoal for a cleaner burn. Each incense is  hand soaked in our quality fragrance oils for over 336 hours to ensure a long lasting scent.

Each stick burns from 45-60 minutes each and are a perfect and safe alternate to candles.  Each package contains 12 incense. 

The incense are offered in the 10 scents listed below:

 -Signature Scent No. 0 is a bold blend of the sandalwood, dark musk, amber, red currant, ginger, peppercorn with a hint of oranges 

 -Signature Scent No. 1 is a savory blend of sweet, spicy, and earthy notes that’s infused with cedarwood, orange, clove, and patchouli essential oils

-Signature Scent No. 2 is a floral blend of orchids, currants, blackberries and citrus essential oils 

-Signature Scent No. 3  is an earthy  blend of sandalwood, dark musk, amaretto, powder and patchouli essential oils 

-(Updated Formulation) Signature Scent No. 4 is a rich blend of amaretto, honey, tobacco leaves, brandy, amber and topped off with the sweet smell of red velvet vanilla  

-Signature Scent No. 5 is a feminine & soft blend of roses, currant, lemon & pears

 -Signature Scent No. 6 is a masculine blend of amber, sage, oak moss, tonka beans and grapefruit 

-Signature Scent No. 7 is a fruity blend of  currant, apple, luscious peach, ripe grapefruit that give way to beautiful middle notes of cherry blossom and hydrangea  

-Signature Scent No. 8 is a soft & unique blend of  oranges, roses, powder, black cherry and vanilla 

- #1 SELLER!!  (Updated Formulation) Signature Scent No. 9  is a  fun blend of  oranges, mandarin, lemonroses, grapefruit, red currant & amber 

Signature Scents: Signature Scent #0