Private Mobile Candle Making Session

You are did it! Thank you for booking a Private Mobile Candle Making Session with me.

There are a few additonal details that are needed to confirm your booking.

The candle making session will be provided in person by me at the time you requested.

Please expect a phone call from me within the next 24 hours to confirm your date, time and the location of the session.

Im looking forward to having lots of fun, laughs and candle making.  

During our session, you and your guest will:

  • Play a few games that are perfect for couples to jump start the event
  • Learn how to custom blend your own scent
  • Make 2-8oz scentled candles
  • Learn proper candle care and storage

How to Prepare for Session

1. Decide Your Location

For our session, you will need to decide where you want the sessio held. We can make candles in any open location can accommocdate you & your guest. If you are having the session at a private home, you can have it in your kitchen, basement, dining room or anywhere were you will have tables and chairs.

2. Ensure your guest are aware of start time

Please ensure your guest are aware of your scheudled time. I will need only 30 minutes to set up and then your session will start. If you have guest who arrive late, I try my best to accommodate them but their is no guarantee that I will be able to go back ver the instructions that they missed and your session will not be able to be bottom line, ask them to be on time.

3. Be Prepared for FUN!  

Cande making is very fun and relaxing so please be ready to have loads of fun with lots of laughter and a good ole' time.


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