SPRING COLLECTION| Luxury Plug In Refill

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Spring forward with our newest collection. Our luxury plug-in refills easily fit into our device and is filled with our custom blended fragrance oils

Spring Collection Scents: 

"Spring Sunset" is a mesmerizing blend of orange, vanilla, jasmine, green leaves,  sandalwood with a hint of heliotrope 

"Spring Meadows" is a beautiful blend of jasmine, violet, lemon, honeysuckle,  neroli with a hint of honey

Spring Forward"  is a crisp blend of lime, cucumber, bamboo, gin, cypress, honeymoon with a hint of red currant & powder 

"Spring Getaway" is a relaxing blend of coconut, cedar, sandalwood, tonka bean with a hint of amyris & coconut milk

"Spring Morning Dew" is a tranquil blend of juniper, light musk, mint, bergamot, peony with a hint of sea salt

"Spring Freshness" is a soft blend of green tea, sea salt, bergamot, sandalwood with a hint of lemons 

Scent: "Spring Freshness" Scent