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Juneteenth "Freedom" Limited Edition Candle & Candle Toolkit Set

Get your Candle & are for it also with the luxury DTT by L. Green 3 Piece Candle Care Kit !

Freedom never SMELLED so good!!! Juneteenth is here!! Lets's celebrate with a few amazing scents that can will definitely leave an everlasting affect wherever it's places.

The "Freedom" Limited Edition Candle is  a custom blended scent that gives off notes of  Lemons, Lemonpeels, Light Musk and is topped off with notes of Clover and Cherry Blossoms  to give you a refreshing , but tranquil smell. 

This candle is handmade using natural soy-blended wax & the highest quality of clean & safe essential oils. Each candle contains a zinc free and lead-free wick made with interwoven natural cotton threads.

Each candle is hand-poured in Maryland and all components of the candle (wick, oils and wax) are sourced in the U.S.

Each candle melts consistently & evenly (with proper candle care by client), radiating enough fragrance to fill your desired space. Please see candle care instructions for more details.

Burn time of each candle is approximately 25 - 45 hours.


12 oz Glass Jar & Toolkit
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