Are you creative and have a flair for style?

Are a fashionista, creator, side hustler, or newbie looking to make some extra money by standing your own jewelry business?

For 2023, it is reported that the jewelry business grossed $304 BILLION DOLLARS in revenue. The jewelry industry was one of the fastest growing industries due to many factors such as people going back into the work office and needing to refresh their wardrobe & accesoories due to being home for 2 years. Another factor was that the world is continuing to get try to recover from the pandemic and are attempting to get back to pre-pandemic lifestyles & activites.  Due to these factors adn more, the jewelry industry is lookimg to increase by as much as 10%-20% more in 2024.
Why not let some of that money go into your pockets by starting yor own jewelry business in 2024.


 Join the CEO of DTT by L. Green, LaTasha Green, as she shares with you how she started her higly successful & profitable jewery business with only $50 and how you can do the same!

This will be a fun & fulfilling LIVE webinar where you will get what you need to successful start your own profitable business.

So what are you waiting for?



Date: Tuesday April 2nd

Time: 7:30pm EST

How: Virtually via Zoom 



Who is this webinar for?

  • Anyone interested in making jewelry but don't know where to start
  • Anyone interested in starting a jewelry business but dont want to make it themselves
  • Current jewelry makers who THOUGHT they started a business but aren't seeing any profits
  • Side Hustlers who are looking to make more $$ with little investment

Who is this webinar NOT for?

  • Those who know it all and aren’t teachable...STAY AWAY!
  • Those who hate learning new things....STAY AWAY!
  • Those who have SELF DOUBT.....STAY AWAY!
  • Those that don't have $50 to invenst in themselves.....STAY AWAY!

What will you learn at this webinar?

This 60 minute LIVE webinar will cover:

  • Profitability of Jewelry Business
  • What's needed to start a jewelry business with or without making it yourself for $50 or less
  • What are the myths & truths of the jewelry making business
  • What are your next steps to to starting your jewelry business

What happens after you register?

You will receive a confirmation email from Zoom with the webinar link. CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK EMAIL if confirmation isn’t in your inbox. If you have received an email please send us an email at

Is there an age or gender that this webinar is geared for?

The recommended age for this webinar is age 10 and up BUT if you are a parent of a child who you feel can benfot from this, feel freet o sgn them uo but you will need to particpate with them. This is a gender nuetral webinar so ALL ARE WELCOMED!

Meet the Instructor



LaTasha is a Creator, 9-5prenuer and an around-the-way girl who loves to see people use their gifts and talents to live their life to the fullest! In 2013 she started her brand as a hobby and side hustle becasue she felt that she could make a superior product at a reasonable price and get paid for it! Through her committmet to excellence, she did just that and her company, DTT by L. Green, was birthed.

From handcrafted jewelry to bespoke blended scent products, LaTasha creates luxury lifestyle products that allow clients to feel like they’re living a VIP lifestyle without breaking the bank. When not creating prodcuts for her brand, she in the classroom and communities teaching youth and inspiring creators how to make their own products and start down the path of entrepuership for themselves.


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