"How to Use a Cricut to Make $1000 In a Weekend"


 Are you a hobbyist, side hustler, or newbie looking to make some extra money? Are you simply just interest in learning how you can possibly make some quick money in a weekend? If so, you're in luck! Statistics show 44% of people with a side hustle think they'll always need it — and more are picking one up. Side hustles have long been on the rise. More than half of Gen Zers, 53% have a side hustle, as well as half of millennials and 40% of Gen Xers, according to an April 2023, CNBC.  

Why not get some extra $$ from something that is fun & in demand! Learning how to use a Cricut machine for $$ can do just that!!


 Join this free LIVE webinar that will teach you how to use a Cricut cutting machine to create unique and handmade products that you can easily sell and help you get those coins in a weekend....yes in 3 days.




Date: Saturday April 27th @11am EST

How: Via Zoom


This is a FREE LIVE webinar

There will be NO REPLAYS AVAIABLE so dont miss out!


What will you learn at this webinar?

This 60 minute LIVE webinar will give ways to create beautiful and profitable products that you can earn at least $1000 in a weekend! We will cover:

  • Choosing the Right Machine
  • Product Ideas
  • Designing & Selling Products

and a few more surprises!!

Who is this webinar for?

  • Anyone who is interested in using a Cricut cutting machine but don't know where to start
  • Crafters who want to know how to make more products and how to sell them
  • Side Hustlers who are looking to make more $$ with little investment
  • Anyone who wants to earn something new

Who is this webinar NOT for?

  • Those who know it all and aren’t teachable...STAY AWAY!
  • Those who hate learning new things....STAY AWAY!
  • Those who have SELF DOUBT.....STAY AWAY!
  • Those that don't want to invest in themselves

What happens after you register?

You will receive a confirmation email from Zoom with the webinar link. CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK EMAIL if confirmation isn’t in your inbox. If you have received an email please send us an email at support@learningwithlgreen.com.

Is there an age or gender that this webinar is geared for?

The recommended age for this webinar is age 10 and up BUT if you are a parent of a child who you feel can benefit from this, feel free to sign them up but you will need to particpate with them. This is a gender nuetral workshop so ALL ARE WELCOMED!

Meet the Instructor



LaTasha is a Creator, 9-5prenuer and an around-the-way girl who loves to see people use their gifts and talents to live their life to the fullest! In 2013 she started her brand as a hobby and side hustle becasue she felt that she could make a superior product at a reasonable price and get paid for it! Through her committmet to excellence, she did just that and her company, DTT by L. Green, was birthed.

From handcrafted jewelry to bespoke blended scent products, LaTasha creates luxury lifestyle products that allow clients to feel like they’re living a VIP lifestyle without breaking the bank. When not creating prodcuts for her brand, she in the classroom and communities teaching youth and inspiring creators how to make their own products and start down the path of entrepuership for themselves.


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